Termes et conditions


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Terms and Conditions

1. Website access and use

LuxColoris.com is a web portal that allows User to view/to search for its online content.

By „User” we mean any individual or company/business/organization who use the LuxColoris.com website, regardless of his/her reason.

LuxColoris.com team promises to permanently improve/enrich the content and functionality of the site, hoping to optimally meet the users' needs and expectations.

The use of www.luxcoloris.com website is subject to full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed below. We strongly recommend to carefully read them.
If the User does not agree with the mentioned Terms and Conditions, he must stop using the website.
LuxColoris.com is entitled to modify these regulations without further notice. The User has always access to the latest version of the „Terms and Conditions”, so they can be consulted at any time.

2. Copyright

The content of LuxColoris.com is the exclusive property of its owner and it is protected by the intellectual&industrial copyright and property laws.

This website allows User to view and/or to download/save the content (information, images) only for personal or didactic purposes, not for commercial/financial purposes.
LuxColoris.com team guarantees to the User restricted access (in his personal interest) to the website and does not give the right to download, to save or to copy - in part or in whole - the content of the website for commercial purposes. The owner/representative of LuxColoris.com does not give to the User the right to exploit the website in any other manner than the one permitted; therefore, it is not allowed to use the website for purposes contrary to the website legal representative's interests. Failure to do so is penalized by law.

The modification of this website content - in part or in whole - and that use of it on other websites or on blogs without notice and without the consent of the LuxColoris.com owner/representative is strictly forbidden.

Any copy/duplicate of content of this website (for didactic reasons) - in part or in whole - must be made only by stating/providing its source.

The website is under the protection of Romanian Law no. 8/1996, with subsequent amendments contained in: Law no. 146/1997, Law no. 285/2004, O.U.G. no. 123/2005, O.U.G. no. 190/2005, Law no. 329/2006, Law no. 202/2010. The infringement of the rights recognized and protected by the mentioned legislation involve civil and/or administrative liability, according to the regulations supervised by the Romanian Copyright Office (ORDA).

3. Personal data protection / Privacy

The User agrees that his registration shall be effective only after all the formalities required in the „Login”/„Authentication” are fulfilled.

The information required on the registration form (mailing address etc.) is saved by LuxColoris.com team and used: for sending to the User the confirmation of his account creation, for advertising or website improvement purposes.

By choosing to register, the User is allowed to access his account and to use his personal password, being sole responsible for all his actions involved by this use. LuxColoris.com team cannot be held responsible for any error resulting from the User's negligence regarding the account and/or password security&confidentiality.

The User's personal data will be used only by the LuxColoris.com representative in the stated purpose of the website. The information will not be passed to third parties. Personal data can be used only by the LuxColoris.com authorized representative in order to promote and improve the website services.

When accessing his account, User's information such as date, time, retrieved pages etc. is saved. This data is useful for optimizing the internet presence of  LuxColoris.com.

In order to guarantee the privacy, the storage and processing of all personally-related data is treated with the strictest of confidence and with respect of the laws currently in force; LuxColoris.com team comply with data protection provisions in accordance with the Romanian Data Protection Legislation and its related laws. User's personal data will be transmitted only to the relevant authorities in order for them to perform any check justified by the law. LuxColoris.com, therefore, guarantee the confidentiality of data, the information being accessible only by the authorized LuxColoris.com representative în the internal network.

Any attempt/try to access another user's personal data will be considered a fraudulent attempt to the LuxColoris.com website, will lead to investigation and will immediately result in legal action being taken against those who tried it.

LuxColoris.com team undertakes to respect the User's rights given by the Romanian Law no. 506/2004, Law no. 272/2006 and Emergency Ordinance (OUG) no. 13/2012; Upon the User's request, LuxColoris.com team undertakes to: correct, update, block, erase or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, the personal data related to the User's person. The User can withdraw his consent for the further use of his personal data for advertising purposes by notifying: contact[at]luxcoloris.com. Upon receiving his objection, LuxColoris.com team will immediately stop sending any further advertising materials.

4. Limitation of Liability - Providing the service/product „as it is”

The online service provided on LuxColoris.com is available to the User on the basis of the principle: „as it is”. The LuxColoris.com team does not guarantee continuous/uninterrupted access to the service/products. The team members of LuxColoris.com shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or consequential damages that may result from:

i) errors or inadvertences in the information provided by the User;
ii) personal or property injury resulting from the User's access to the service and the products offered via the LuxColoris.com website;
iii) any loss, expense or damage of any kind incurred as a result of non compliance with the given regulations or as a result of using the content posted, transmitted via email, or available through the website;
iv) any unauthorized access or any external use of the secured servers of LuxColoris.com team and/or of the information stored in them.

LuxColoris.com team is not liable for the consequences, losses, damages or expenses due to the Users’s failure to observe these Terms and Conditions and to comply with the relevant regulations.

5. Disputes/Claims

Any dispute resulting from the use/the access of the LuxColoris.com website will be solved - if possible - amicably. If the conflict cannot be amicably settled and if an agreement cannot be reached, then the Romanian Court has jurisdiction over the case.

Thank you.

LuxColoris.com Team

Version des Terms and Conditions: Octobre 2021.
Subject to amendment without prior notice.